What we do


Our aim  at Salvador Invest Club is to refurbish special and unique homes, strengthening their exclusive details with the reform. We rent them for some time and sell them before 5 years. We believe so much in our way of doing  things that we invest with our partners, taking care of the whole project and looking for higher returns than any other investment product.

Are you interested?

If you like to invest in real estate and want to become our partner, contact us and we will tell you more details of what we do and how we do it. The minimum investment will be € 10,000.

Our Values:

Location: We look for properties in the city center, next to monuments, shops, and areas of tourist interest. Where you can walk to any part of the city and enjoy the attractions that the city offer.

Distincion and design: We look for exclusive properties, with a genuine  attractive, having  a sign of distinction that makes them special and that whoever acquire will  enjoy living inside and welcoming their guests. We take advantage of the spaces to the maximum. freeing the rooms of unnecessary walls and obtaining the maximum space and luminosity.

Quality and Wellbeing: When we transform homes our priority is the use of quality materials, durable and of a clean beauty without overloading the rooms. The balance of colors and materials, luminosity, comfort, makes residents in our homes enjoy the sensation of living in them.

Sustainability: In our projects we look for the use of sustainable, ecological materials, maximizing energy consumption and enhancing comfort in the rooms.